polyheDren is a music collaboration experiment started by composer/producer, Dren McDonald, born out of lockdown & the desire to use music to help bring awareness & fundraising to non-profit orgs.The full length release, PSYCHIC, is out now (released in 2022)Here it is on Bandcamp (digital and CD, and LP)
Here it is on Spotify.
Here it is on AppleMusic (in Atmos too!)
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And it's everywhere else too!
The full length includes guests such as The RESIDENTS, Josh Freese (Foo Fighters, NIN, A PERFECT CIRCLE, DEVO, STING), Nels Cline (WILCO), Iva Bittová (Nonesuch), Rini and many more !This release is giving 100% of sales/streaming to the Bay Area Music Project.

Some of the Musical Guests on Psychic

Other guests on Psychic include:

Ali Paris, Sangin' Sara, Zoe Ellis, Ashling Cole, Misha Khalikulov, Daria Novo, Jonathan Dodge Mayer, Kevin Robinson and Moorea Dickason.




polyheDren was born as a quarantine project from composer/producer, dren mcdonald. polyheDren is a collaborative music experiment, with every song a new creation with a different guest musician(s). Beyond the first batch of singles and the Psychic album, this project will continue with more guests and fundraising.100% of the sales from all polyhedren music goes to the Bay Area Music Project, a non-profit, after school music program....and more about composer/producer, dren mcdonald...
who is known for the diverse soundtracks to video games such as Counterstrike Global Offensive, Gunman Taco Truck, Stranger Things VR, Gathering Sky, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Cooking Dash, & recordings such as Pterous and The String Arcade .


We are putting a batch of new recordings together for more polyheDren, so if you'd like to participate, please send us a message.

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